Cocktail Machine Hire Melbourne

Cocktail slushie drink

If you’re having an event in Melbourne and want to hire a slushie machine, you have come to the right place. We have been providing slushie / cocktail machines in Melbourne for over a decade, so you can trust that our experience and professionalism will mean you have the best cocktail package for your event.

We provide everything you need to make cocktails at your party. For example, if you wanted to serve a Cosmopolitan cocktail. We provide the base mix already blended up and made in a liquid form. This would include fresh cranberries and lime blended to form the base mix. You can then add vodka and Cointreau.

If you want to have non alcoholic slushie drinks, we provide the slushie base mix, and you can leave as is without adding alcohol. Our range includes of fifty flavours that cover popular cocktails and daiquiris, as well as a kids friendly range.

To ensure that you create a memorable event, it is best to work out how many guests you want to cater to. A safe guide is 2-3 drinks per person. Our cocktail machine packages below identify how many drinks each will make. If you require something larger, you can call or email for a tailored package. If you need help with your requirements for an event in Melbourne, you can call or email us for some advice.

Choose Your Machine

A single bowl slushie machine produces 60 frozen slushies or cocktails. This package is better suited for small parties. Typically, catering numbers should be based on 2 to 3 drinks per person, so the single bowl is suited for parties up to 20-30 people. You can order refills if you want to make more drinks.
The twin bowl slushie machines are the most popular in our range. You can have two flavours to give your guests a bit more variety. They will make approximately 120 drinks, and are suited for parties with up to 60 guests. They are popular for those that want to keep one flavour for the kids and one for the adults. Refills are available and you can produce another 120 drinks if needed.